Bunds and Drip Trays

Working with any kind of liquid be it hazardous or not comes with some inherent risks to employees and the environment, not to mention a possible loss of valuable solution. Installing a bund or drip tray within your premises alleviates this risk and allows for peace of mind, plus it satisfies the environmental agency and HSE also.

PolyPlas Engineering have been designing, manufacturing and installing high quality plastic bunds and drip trays of all shapes and sizes since we started trading over 30 years ago. You can choose the exact height of the bund walls to fit your requirements and if the area needs to be accessed by personnel we can include complimenting open mesh steel or glass fibre surfaces so the bund can be walked on safely or support tanks and equipment over the bund.

We can manufacture small bunds for use with a single tank or large sectional bunds to cover a whole workshop floor. All bunds we manufacture can include flanged or threaded connections and can be fitted with steel re-enforcement if required. With larger bunds we will always include the option for us to install the finished fabrication on-site if you require this service.

As well as manufacturing bunds and drip trays we also offer a re-lining service for existing bunds and offer the service of lining existing effluent pits.

All our bunds are manufactured by our skilled fabricators who are holders of CSWIP accreditation to a BS EN 13067 level, which is the industry standard for plastic welding quality in all disciplines and materials.

Large Polypropylene Bund 17m x 5m for a plating line area
Small drip tray in 9mm thick beige polypropylene 1220mm x 915mm x 200mm deep.
GRP bund tray.
Drip tray in natural polypropylene
Acid dipping tank C/W hinged lockable lid and bund catchment tray