Water and Effluent Tanks

Whether you need a large, stand-alone water storage tank or numerous water and effluent tanks as part of a larger system, we can help you achieve your requirements from design to installation. PolyPlas Engineering have many years of experience manufacturing components for water systems such as tanks, pipework, bunds etc and the high quality finish we provide will ensure you have long lasting equipment suitable for the project in-hand.

As well as manufacturing water and effluent tanks we have many years of experience installing them in a variety of settings. From using a crane to install on a roof to assembling the whole tank on-site in a confined space, we have the background and knowledge to guarantee a stress free installation.

All our tanks are made to order which means we can manufacture any size or shape you require and alongside this we can guarantee the tanks have the exact features you require such as outlets, pipework etc in the right place.

Most water and effluent tanks we manufacture are made using polypropylene or polyethylene sheet but if you would like them manufactured in other materials for specific duties, we are happy to advice.

All materials and fittings we use to manufacture our water tanks can be WRAS approved if required and all our thermoplastic tanks are manufactured to a BS EN 12573 standard which guarantees the integrity of the design, overall construction and welding quality. All our skilled fabricators are holders of CSWIP accreditation to a BS EN 13067 level, which is the industry standard for plastic welding quality in all disciplines and materials.