Fume Extraction

Throughout our trading history PolyPlas Engineering have regularly designed, manufactured and installed plastic extraction systems for use in a variety of environments ranging from plating shops to university laboratories.

These systems allow the working environment to be cleaner and safer for both employees and visitors and they also help with compliance towards health and safety regulations.

Whether you are installing a completely new extraction system or just adding to an existing one, PolyPlas have many years of expertise combined with qualified, professional staff to ensure your system is installed to a high standard and on schedule.

With a variety of indoor or outdoor options available including round and square ducting, hoods and plenums and various fan types, we can guarantee your company receives a bespoke extraction system that suits your companies needs.

Whether you would like a stand-alone extraction system or a complete plant including tanks, pipework etc, please contact us at anytime to discuss how we can help.

Some examples of our previous extraction projects can be seen below, but for more examples, please see the gallery page here – www.plasticfabricationservices.co.uk/gallery

200mm diameter PVC forced air ventilation system in the plant room of a hospital, terminating 6 storeys down.
Metal finishing tanks and fume extraction system.
Polypropylene ductwork installed on-site for a bio-gas plant.
Retrofitted additional extraction, installed on existing plating line.
Polypropylene Overhead Fume Extraction Hood C/W Sectional PVC Ductwork
Polypropylene Overhead Fume Extraction Hood C/W Sectional PVC Ductwork
Retrofitted additional extraction points installed on an existing extraction system.
Photo shows polypropylene fan unit 8000 m3/HR
Roof Duct Discharge.
Fabricated rectangular P.V.C ductwork to DW/154 standard on a university building
Complete fume extraction system on small plating tank.
Clean room ductwork
Complete electroless nickel plating line – part of a complete turn key electro plating plant for Johnson Matthey PLC
University extraction roof discharge
University lab fume cupboard extraction
Fume cabinet P.V.C ductwork