Tank Inspections

Providing Guaranteed Liquid Storage Safety

Business’ should “take all possible measures to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances and limit the consequences to people and the environment of any major accidents that do occur” (Control of major accident hazards regulations COMAH 1999 and 2005)

Often plastic tanks are installed which do not meet BSEN standards, or are not frequently inspected, exposing operators to increased risk of accidents, increased costs and potential prosecution.

The onus of responsibility is therefore on the operator to ensure that storage tanks are maintained and regularly inspected to avoid the possibility of harm to personnel or damage to the environment.

PolyPlas Engineering have extensive experience in helping companies mitigate these risks by delivering inspections and reporting potential risks. We can also provide advice for your storage safety and if required design and manufacture BSEN quality storage tanks and equipment.

Free Site Visit

The process begins with a free no obligation site visit which includes the inspection of all your plastic process and storage tanks. Our Tank Inspector will visually inspect tanks, vessels, pipework and valves and evaluate the performance criteria, identifying any areas for concern.

Full Inspection and Reporting

Should a full inspection be required, our experienced inspector will make a detailed examination as to provide written findings, qualified opinions and unbiased recommendations on the fitness for purpose of all tank performance criteria including design and construction, materials, maintenance and life-span.

A written report, including photos will be issued which demonstrates your good practice in maintaining safety compliance. Given your tanks meet the require standards, a certificate of fitness for purpose will be issued.

Tank Design and Fabrication

When the time comes for you to install new tanks or replace/repair existing ones. PolyPlas Engineering can provide all the expertise you will need. The quality of the products we manufacture is of primary importance to ourselves and our customers and our attention to a premium finish is something we are well known for.

Quality tanks don’t just look better, they offer superior performance, longer life and a lower cost overall than other products on the market. PolyPlas Engineering can ensure this quality as all our fabricators are CSWIP certified which is an internationally recognised qualification that meets welding and performance standards for BSEN13067.

Our 31+ years trading experience along with our manufacturing equipment and facilities, professional fabricators and investment in training means that we have an excellent reputation for competitive pricing without compromising on quality or performance.

To arrange your free site visit and inspection, or for more information on the range of fabrications we can offer you, please call us on 0114 2481973 or email info@plasticfabricationservices.co.uk.

If you require an emergency repair, please call 07855295907 for our genuine 24/7 call out service.

Tank Inspections
Tank Inspections
Tank Inspections
Tank Inspections