Chemical and Process Tanks

When manufacturing tanks to use with chemicals or aggressive solutions the importance of using the correct materials to suit the chemical requirements is vital.

Whether you require a small rectangular sloped bottom mixing tank or a large cylindrical storage tank, we specialise in being able to manufacture bespoke tanks that we can shape to accommodate any strict space requirements you may have. The advantage of our made to order system is that we can tailor-make tanks with as many or as few additional features to suit your needs. This can be something as simple as a specific position for an outlet or access hatch to something more complex such as a removable lid, steel access ladder/platform or cat and mouse contents gauge.

The chemical tanks we manufacture can be made using various materials including Polypropylene, HDPE, flexible PVC, PVDF and a number of GRP chemical resistant resins or even lead linings. This ensures that our tanks have the ability to hold chemicals with a variety of concentrations and properties, based around your requirements.

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry as well the plethora of staff skills we have available allows us to design and manufacture complimenting fabrications to be installed alongside your chemical or process tank. These very often include bunds, pipework and fume extraction systems as well as many other smaller components. More information can be found about these fabrications on the respective pages on our website.

As well as manufacturing any chemical or process tank you may require in-house at our Sheffield workshops, our qualified and professional fabricators can also install any fabrications you purchase from us, wherever you are based.

All our thermoplastic tanks are manufactured to a BS EN 12573 which guarantees the integrity of the design, overall construction and welding quality. All our skilled fabricators are holders of CSWIP accreditation to a BS EN 13067 level, which is the industry standard for plastic welding quality in all disciplines and materials.